A selection of stories I edited at Psychology Today: 


The New Survivors Extraordinary advances have turned cancer from an apparent death sentence into a manageable chronic illness for many. But what does it mean to live with a terminal disease...interminably? 

Moment of Impact  A young person’s first psychotic break often marks the beginning of a lifelong battle with schizophrenia. But new research heralds a radical shift in how psychosis might be treated in its early stage— and may help crack its mysteries.

The Fraud Who Isn't When it comes to psychological concepts, impostor syndrome is a pop culture star. But what really makes people feel like intellectual fakes? And how can they overcome it?

Where No One Hears a Cry for Help The mental health needs of rural America are acute and complex. Last-ditch solutions are on the table. Can they work?

Love Beyond Gender  For couples who remain together through one partner's gender transition, it can provoke a complicated reckoning with just how much—and who—has to change.

A Cure for Disconnection Loneliness is a problem of epidemic proportions, affecting millions from all walks of life. But while its roots are complex, remedies may be within reach.

Breaking the Code of the Streets What can science tell us about how to reduce youth violence?

Battle Tested  War has long been the subject of history, philosophy, and poetry. Now, science may be revealing the hard truth about why men fight—and what could make them stop.



Depression, Dissected  New research highlights the role of inflammation in the common mood disorder. 

Warped Reality What will it mean when millions of people play—and kill—in virtual reality?

Divider-in-Chief  Love him or hate him, people are striving to manage the Trump-related rifts in their relationships.



The Proof  A strong-willed mother wanted to erase memories of her ex-husband, so their daughter was made to live a lie.

When the Ground Cracked Orthodox Jewish faith was the bedrock upon which Tova Mirvis’s marriage was built. When one crumbled, so did the other.

An Unlikely Bond  Seventeen years after being raped, a criminologist finds a surprising path to closure.

A Different Stripe  For eight years, Renee Sullivan identified as transgender. Then it got more complicated.